Monday, November 17, 2014

Mitch & Amy by Beverly Cleary

Anna's review:  While my teacher was reading this book to me, it made me think a lot about Mitch and Amy. In this book some of the events are when Alan bullies Mitch and Amy, making a pinata with Amy, going to school(both Mitch and Amy), and Mitch going on a field trip to a bank which in the lobby you can pan for little bits of gold. This is a great book!

Kathleen says:  This story is about a brother and sister who are in 4th grade and have this bully Alan Hibbler who keeps getting meaner and meaner.  Mitch and Amy do not want Mrs. Huff, their mom, to find out. I liked this book because it is realistic fiction and could really happen. You may think, "Oh it is realistic fiction, it is going to be boring," but it is really interesting. It has funny and some sad parts in it.

Miss Stewart thinks:  Mitch & Amy doesn't seem to be one of Beverly Cleary's more popular books, but it should be. I like that the main characters are a boy and a girl, so it really appeals to both boy and girl readers. The characters seem quite real, and the circumstances they find themselves in could and do happen in real life. I know this isn't the last time I will read this book. I hope some of my Biblionasium friends read it themselves!

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