Monday, November 17, 2014

Champ by Marcia Thornton Jones

41lb%2b1xj-wl._sl160_Brooke writes:  This story was one of the best! the most interesting part in the story Champ was when Riley went and took champ from Mrs.Lennar. yes, I would have liked to be in the story because it sounds friendly. I liked Riley's dad and champ because Riley's dad just kept on saying, "never give up riley never give up." over and over again. and I liked champ because he was NEVER a quitter. he never gave up on anything even thoe he only had 3 legs. I think the author chose this title because champ was never giving up and he was a champion so that's why he gave the title champ. I love the cover because it shows champs with his 3 legs and him catching a baseball and so that cover really made me think I would like this story.

By Marcia Thornton Jones

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