Thursday, February 21, 2013

Runt by Marion Dane Bauer

              This book takes place in the forests of northern Minnesota.  A mother wolf named Silver had 4 pups and their names were Leader, Sniffer, Runner, and Thinker.  They have older siblings too.  Their names were Helper, Hunter, and Bider.  Their father King was checking out his new family and noticed there was 1 more.  He named him Runt.  Soon their eyes and ears opened and teeth came in.  One day they met Owl and Raven.
              One day, Runt found out about the most dangerous animal in the woods.  Porcupine.  Runt wanted to show his father that he could do something right for once. Thinker warned him about her but he did not listen. Porcupine kept swinging her tail and hit Thinker in the face with quills.  Runt got hit, but not as much as Thinker did.
              One day Runt found the humans.  They took the quills out from under his eye. After every day Thinker eventually died.
              When they were finally old enough, the went on their first hunt for a moose. A very old one but very strong.  Helper got a grip on his nostrils.  Eventually, they got defeated and Helper died.  His family moved on without him.
              One day Runt found the moose again.  Take me, my time has come.  He seemed to say.  This was the time for Runt to find his new name.  He talked to king by howling.  When he provided the food to his starving family,  King finally gave him a new name, Singer.  He loved it.  And his family included him in everything.
              I liked this book because it was about animals and I like animals a lot.  My favorite part was when Runt works to show King that he can do things that King thinks he can't.

by Megan

This book was suggested to Megan by Mrs. Wolfard the school LRC aide.

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  1. I read this book to my class once, and they really liked it. I'm glad you did too! (I'm trying to remember if Mrs. Wolfard was my aide then...)