Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Inventions of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick

Caution, this post may give details that could spoil the story for you...     

In the beginning, a little boy named Hugo Cabret. Hugo's father dies in a fire trying to fix an automaton that he found in the attic of the museum that he worked at. His uncle comes in early in the morning, and tells him to pack his belongings because your coming to live with me.

When they arrive at the train station his uncle shows him how to set the clocks. That was going to be his job then on. He had to set about three times a day. He had to go through vents and secret passage ways to get to all the clocks.

One day his uncle never came back to the train station, and he had to steal food from the small bakery in the corner of the station to get food. A couple days later a few police men found him at the bottom of a lake. Hugo had to live by himself but still set the clocks three times a day.

In the middle, Hugo meets a girl named Isabelle, she has a key on a necklace that is the key to the automaton. Hugo started to run away and Isabelle falls and Hugo tries to snatch the necklace from  her, once he get the necklace he runs away back to the automaton in his room. Once Hugo gets back to the room he puts the key into the automaton and Isabelle breaks into his room and tries to take the key out but Hugo stops her and tells her that it is going to draw a picture or write the e a letter. In the middle of the drawing Hugo gets really mad because the picture so far is a bunch of scribbles. Hugo starts to leave but Isabelle stops him and say wait lets see what the picture is when the automaton is finished. In the end it turned out to be the man on the moon with a rocket in place of his right eye.

In the end, Hugo throws a rock at the window of Isabelle's room and Isabelle waves him to the front door and they get in a big fight, Isabelle slams the door on Hugo's hand and breaks a couple of his fingers. Isabelle's papa takes Hugo as his son and they take care of Hugo until he moves out.

Post written by Megan and Annie