Monday, November 7, 2011

Sweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge by Kathryn Reiss

If you like scary ghost books this is the perfect book for you!  In this book 12-year-old Zibby buys an old antique dollhouse, and the things she plays with in the dollhouse come true.  For instance, when she puts a doll that looks like her cousin upside down in the little porcelain tub, Charlotte, her real cousin, falls and hits her head in the bath tub!

In other parts of the book a 1919 12-year-old girl named Primrose plays with the same dollhouse. When Primrose accidently kills her governess she knows that Miss Honeywell, the governess, is haunting her dollhouse.

If you want to know what happens next read the book!

Reviewed by Nayeli